HikMicro G60 – Thermal Imaging Camera

HIKMICRO G60 Expert Thermal Imaging Camera with 640×512 Thermal Resolution and Full Analysis Functions

  • 640 × 512 (327,680 pixels) IR resolution
  • 3 types of focus mode (automatic focus, manual focus, and laser measuring assistant focus) for clear images and more accurate temperature measurements
  • Option for interchangeable lenses for different scenarios
  • Embedded laser distance meter
  • Connect to Wi-Fi mobile devices and use the Viewer app to quickly share images
  • 50Hz image frequency
  • Includes a high temperature audible warning
  • Measurement presets: Center spot, hot spot, cold spot, 10 point presets, 1 line preset, 3 area presets
  • Allows for up 64 GB Micro SD storage
  • IP54 water and dust resistant
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